"...you guys have the best recording studio/crash pad in calgary" - Tommy Chong

This monumental photo representing the reunion of the SHADES, an infamous rock band from the 50's was taken at AB Records just before rehearsal


Tommy Chong, and members of his former band The Shades, received their white hats on Dec 4th and it was a particularly delicious irony for Chong, who was all but exiled from this city back in 1958 for his involvement with the rowdy calgary shades, one of the city's first rock and roll bands. Although it was great to recieve the white hats, the main reason for being back in town was to play a reunion gig at The Ranchmans on Dec 6th '09. Before the show on Sunday night, the band had spent a busy weekend together cruising around in a limosine doing press interviews and such and on the night before the performance, AB Records hosted their 5 hour rehearsal and dinner. It was a magical experiece watching the band play together for the first time in so many years. After getting to know them for an evening, there was almost a sense of pride watching them perform the next day.