Music Production:
Whether you are with a band, or you are a solo artist looking for session players to accompany you on an album, you will find everything you need through our facility. We have a library of local session musicians that are available to improve your project, along with an inventory of about forty instruments and amplifiers. Utilize our team of engineers and producers, all of whom are working musicians that have the experience, education, and most importantly, the ear to help your music reach its full potential. The control room holds some of the best pre-amps, effect processors, and dynamic processors available within the industry.

Commercial Radio:
In recent years, radio advertisement has proven to be one of the most cost effective means of reaching a broad target audience. There is no better way to make a memorable impression on your audience than to have a custom catchy theme song, or a witty commercial packed with all the important information you want them to remember. If you would like to discuss your options, call us for a free consultation.

Financial Aid:
Financial aid is offered only to musicians who are recording albums at AB Records. This aid could include assisting an individual or band by helping them apply for grants, and/or booking them at local venues and using the proceeds to help pay recording fees.

Mastering and Duplication:
In addition to our studio facility, we are closely associated with a multi-media company specializing in CD pressing, printing and packaging. This means that we are able to help you get your fully produced product out to the masses quickly. With graphic designers and mastering studios close by, your life has been made simple.


While some people try to turn their homes into a studio, we try to make our studio feel like a home. Our lounge is equipped with a leather couch, TV, oven, and fridge for our clients to enjoy and relax during long sessions.





If you record at AB Records, you get: